Re: Outreach Ideas

Joyce Fan Rice


I'm not a fan of this specific outreach strategy.  We have enough trouble convincing conservatives that our distributist ideas are not the same as socialism or communism.  Also, socialism isn't always bad, which is why we aren't Republicans.  Also, lots of Caucasian-Americans already see China as a political enemy, which then occasionally contributes to xenophobia aimed at Asian-Americans that have no current ties with China.  

I think that if we were to try to reach minority communities, we should focus on how our social values are more similar to their values than the Democratic Party, while still wanting to have safety nets like medicare and being more open to immigration than Republicans.  Our message should be that we are the pro-family values pro-immigration party.  But honestly, the way to reach any community is through in-person connection / word of mouth, not through random facebook memes or ads.  If you're really interested and don't know where to start, I would post on websites that target Christian minorities, such as Reformed  Someone could write a blog post for them.

I would also say to call minority pastors, but I really struggle with how appropriate it is to use church networks for politics.  So that's why I suggested the blog post idea instead.

Personally, I'm struggling with whether our party really has anything to offer anybody at this point, so maybe a phone call would be more appropriate if it was along the lines of "We're trying to form a party that is socially conservative but believes in government safety nets.  Based on your experience with x community, how could our party serve your needs?"  And then let the other person talk about what they would like to see from such a political party and what issues matter to them. 


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