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Esther Nickell

I shared my info to the West Delgates thread. I think I should have put it here. My apologies!

Below, I have copied and pasted my delegate statement. I also added a bit of biographical information and a bit about the Statement of Principles, which were not included in the website version of my statement. Hope this is helpful!
I am a 27 year mother of 3 with a bachelor's degree in Classical Studies from UC Davis. I have worked as an office assistant for the state in the Department of Water Resources, as a program manager/student admissions co-director at a small non-profit, as a concert production manager for a women's choir, and currently as a part-time teacher at a Catholic high school in Dixon, CA.
Regarding the SoP, I don't have a strong opinion either way as to whether or not we need one. I do think we should not spend a lot of time on it at the convention. I am happy to do a simple yes or no vote on one or two versions, but after that we should move on to other things. For instance, many people support the major parties with a sort of "good enough" attitude. If people are going to support a disorganized fringe group, they are going to pick one that aligns 100% with their views (or start their own!). We need a coherent plan to move from the "disorganized fringe group" category to a party that people are willing to support even if they disagree with parts of the platform. That is to say, we need to have some name recognition, some viability, and some efficiency to our processes. Outlining a clear path forward is key. Part of that will be allowing local chapters both the freedom to operate somewhat independently as well as the support of other chapters and the SNC in the form of sharing resources and information effectively.
Hello! My name is Esther Nickell. I am a California native (born and raised in Davis) and have been following the growth of the ASP since around 2015. Normally, I would be more comfortable with a less public role, but I signed up to be a delegate candidate because at the time, there was only myself and one other person on the list for the whole Western region. There are more candidates now, but I am still willing to step forward if selected for the job.
I come from a family that has always been at least somewhat involved in politics. Traditionally that has meant the Republican Party. However, I no longer feel able to support most of the candidates I see on the Republican ticket and was delighted to discover an alternative. At this stage in the life of the party, I believe we need to focus on outreach and making ourselves both accessible and viable. Most people I know who share my views have not heard of the ASP. In addition to running our own candidates, it is important to make endorsements and publish opinions for as many elections as possible - local, state, and national. In this way, the ASP could still be influential for people who would not be willing to “take the risk” of voting for a third party candidate, but who share our values and care what we as a party say.
Going forward, the National Committee should prioritize giving local chapters the tools they need to succeed. There is so much leg work that needn’t be done by each chapter individually and having an effective and organized way of sharing our efforts with each other will be critical to the growth of the party. There is so much the ASP has to offer. However, if we don’t consolidate our resources and streamline our communications, we will never take off.
There is so much enthusiasm and sincerity among the ASP members. As a person who has worked in administration and organizational work, I believe that what I can bring to the table will allow that enthusiasm and the truths that we rightly espouse to flourish.

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 11:47 AM Skylar Covich <covich7@...> wrote:
Hello fellow CA delegate candidates,
Joyce Phan wants to set up a Zoom meeting, ideally for Sat May 30 at
11 AM. Are you available?

Mark, I especially hope you will respond here; this was posted on
Facebook before.

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> California Delegate Candidates can share their information here for voters:
> California Candidates for 4 seats
> Desmond Silveira Esther Nickell Jeff Culbreath Skylar Covich Mark Ruzon

Skylar J. Covich, Ph.D., Political Science

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